“KC: Thanks for being YOU last week! You called me out
and wouldn’t let my “diversions” slide by. Your intuition is

S.C. New Hampshire Executive after first coaching session

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You conducted the Laughter Sessions for the Mentoring Workshop at National Conservation Center in West Virginia. After the session, you gave me individual coaching. Thank you again for the time you spent with me. You knew how to handle my path of resistance, put my life in perspective, and guide me toward future action.

Even though you just met me, I felt that you genuinely cared. Aside from your skills, it is your caring attitude that makes you a success.

When I came back to work, Linda told me that she missed me. I told her what you said about reconnecting with women friends and asked her if she wanted to get together sometime on the weekends. She said yes, and this week we are going to plan something to do. Just thought I’d share a concrete success accomplishment. I don’t know if I would have done that if we didn’t talk.

Obviously, I feel very fortunate to have met you. I wish you continued success in your professional life, and happiness all around you."

I.P. Fed. Govt. Retreat



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